The Concord Police Department has established a crime tip line where residents can report tips on non-urgent crimes 24 hours a day.

The tip line serves as a direct place where residents can report non-violent, non-threatening crimes, or provide tips to help police capture criminal offenders. Instead of calling 911 or the department’s business line, residents or community members can leave a message on the tip line. All messages will be reviewed and Concord Police will contact the caller, should they leave their name.

The tip line was created in response to resident requests for another avenue to report crimes to the police department without having to call 911 or file a formal police report.

Residents and community members can reach the Concord Police Department Crime Tip Line at 978-318-3407.

This tip line does NOT serve as an alternative to 911, and the line is NOT monitored 24 hours. Anyone that has an emergency should call 911 or the Concord Police Department directly at 978-318-3400