Commercial Facility Audits

Businesses can save money and energy by implementing measures identified through a commercial energy audit.  Three main options are based on your building's heating fuel and which components you'd like assessed.  

1) If your building heats with natural gas:

You may contact the following National Grid representatives for the Concord region to begin the process. Find out more via MassSAVE:  

2) If your building heats with any fuel other than natural gas:

CMLP's energy audit provider, Energy New England (ENE), will evaluate the building envelope for weatherization needs and assess the efficiency of all major end uses, including mechanical systems such as HVAC, motors, and compressors.  An audit report will summarize findings, energy conservation recommendations, and estimated energy savings.  Please call 978-318-3149 for details.

Building FootprintLighting AssessmentTotal Audit Cost
CMLP Cost Share
Commercial Customer Cost Share
30,000 ft2 
and under
Included$0.15 per square foot$0.075 / ft2$0.075 / ft2
Excluded$0.12 per square foot$0.06 / ft2$0.06 / ft2
more than
30,000 ft2
Included$0.09 per square foot$0.045 / ft2$0.045 / ft2
Excluded$0.06 per square foot$0.03 / ft2$0.03 / ft2

3) For information on free audits restricted exclusively to lighting please see our High Efficiency Lighting Program page.