Volunteering For All Ages

It’s easy to connect with seniors to make their lives easier and fuller.  Through volunteering at the Concord Council on Aging (COA), a little of your time goes a long way and our variety of volunteer opportunities allow you to find the right fit whether you volunteer regularly or once a year. 

To volunteer you must fill out an application and complete a CORI (Criminal Offender Record Information) check. Stop by the COA for an application pack and for a more detailed description of the volunteer role in which you are interested.  If more convenient for you, call the COA and request an application be mailed to you.

Some of the types of volunteer opportunities we have are:


The only requirements needed to join the COA Art Committee are a fine eye and the aspiration to enhance the emotional, intellectual, and creative well-being of senior adults. If you enjoy showcasing local artists and can meet quarterly, you would be a valued contributor.


Each Wednesday afternoon seniors gather for a lively game of Bingo. If you can call out letters & numbers, verify winning cards and intervene when a minor disagreement occurs, this 1-3PM shift is perfect for you!


Tech savvy volunteers can open a new world to a senior who wants to learn more about cell phones, computers, e-readers., etc. General “how to” questions are ones that come up: how to save a picture; how to download a book; how to search; how to find YouTube. This is a great opportunity for high school students, but we are excited to welcome tutors of all ages!


The COA provides “van around town” service on a first-come basis, BUT, cannot always meet the transportation needs of Concord seniors. This is where your car and driving can help. If you have flexible hours to run a senior to and from a doctor’s appointment, an errand, to the post office, etc., the COA welcomes your assistance. This volunteer opportunity requires a copy of your current car insurance.  


“Friendly Visitors” are volunteers who have good communication skills and a desire to brighten a home-bound senior’s day. Volunteers are asked to visit their paired senior with regularity and engage in conversation. Pairs with mutual interests can share that interest like craft making or card playing, movie watching, walking, etc. Your visit would not include personal care or household chores.


If you’re skilled with basic household tasks, like changing a light bulb or moving furniture, OR if you have skills for more sophisticated household tasks like appliance repair or small carpentry jobs,  you are in a great position to help in the home of a senior citizen. Hours are flexible to meet your availability and match your skill set.


“Hello, welcome and the room you’re looking for is… “assist the COA in greeting the many seniors and guests who come into the Harvey Wheeler Community Center daily. By helping at the front desk you will meet people, get to know the goings-on of the COA, and provide an essential service. Short shifts are scheduled weekday mornings and afternoons.


Sometimes confusing and always time sensitive, your help with this significant and important service is highly valued. Prior experience with taxes or accounting is a plus but not necessary, and, you are required to complete tax preparation training then offer 40 hours of consultation during tax season. If your skills include attention to details, self-direction, dependability & courteousness, ability to work in confidence, your help is needed each year by April 15th


Eleven months per year, the COA mails out the “Senior Spirit” newsletter that is a vital link to all Concord Seniors. The COA newsletter lists all the events and special programming offered and boasts over 1400 subscribers. Gather and enjoy good company as you tape and label flyers for mailing. Your help is needed once each month for just two hours.


Just about anything under the sun interests Concord seniors. If you have a special skill, talent or interest consider sharing it through a one-time-only class or series of classes at the COA. We will work with your schedule to form a venue and promote it to all seniors. Your ideas are always welcome.

Call us at (978) 318-3020 with any skill you might want to share with Concord seniors.