Time of Use for Whole House, Including EV

Option 2. Time of Use Rate for Whole-House Electricity Consumption, including EV Charging

You also have the option of adopting the TOU Rate for your entire home. This would require being mindful of all household electricity use – lights, computers, EV charging, TVs, clothes washers, dishwashers, etc. – to avoid the extra costs of electric usage during peak times. There is no cost to you to make this switch. CMLP will replace your current house meter with a meter that can measure the amount of electricity used during on-peak and during off-peak hours. A second meter is not needed. Please be aware that the TOU rate must be adopted for a minimum of one year.

Your house meter will be on the Time of Use (TOU) Rate. This rate allows for off-peak household electricity usage (including EV charging) at a lower rate than the standard Residential Rate:

  • Off-peak electricity use
    • rate of $0.15757 / kWh (includes Capacity, Transmission, Distribution, and Energy charges)
    • 10PM until 12PM noon (14 hours), Monday through Friday
    • all weekend hours
  • On-Peak electricity use
    • rate of $0.27612 / kWh (includes Capacity, Transmission, Distribution, and Energy charges)
    • 12PM noon until 10PM, Monday through Friday

Please note that CMLP does not control when your EV charges. You must program the off-peak charging times in your car. Be aware that if you charge during on-peak hours, the on-peak rates will apply.

At this time, the TOU Rate for whole-house electricity consumption is not available to customers with solar panels, because of technical meter limitations. CMLP is working towards employing meters that have the technological capability to track how much power is being used during off-peak vs. on-peak periods, and simultaneously track whether power is being delivered to you from the grid vs. being sent back to the grid from your solar panels.