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November is Diabetes Awareness Month

Chances are you know someone living with pre-diabetes or some form of diabetes. Go the extra mile to help them succeed in living a healthy lifestyle.

Have Knowledge.
If you have a loved one with diabetes, learn about the type they have and what it means for their daily life. Know the symptoms of low blood sugar - fatigue, weakness, shakiness, pale skin, sweating, hunger, irritability, dizziness, and nervousness or anxiety. If you suspect low blood sugar, try to encourage the person to test their blood sugar, and offer something to help boost blood sugar, like orange juice, bread, fruit, or anything with carbohydrates in it. The more you know, the more prepared you’ll be to help when needed.

Be Kind. Don’t Judge.
Managing diabetes can be difficult. Each person has their own way of managing their condition. It’s best to offer support in a way they choose. Be willing to listen, and ask how you can be there for them.

Be a Workout Buddy.
Being active plays an important role in managing diabetes. It helps control blood sugar levels and lowers the risk of heart disease and nerve damage. Offer to exercise with them; it will benefit you too.

In honor of Diabetes Awareness Month, check out our educational videos relating to diabetes.

If you or a loved one has pre-diabetes or any type of diabetes and is on our health plan, enroll in the Good Health Gateway® Diabetes Care Rewards Program.

You’ll get support in managing your diabetes care as well as earn valuable rewards. Participation is voluntary and confidential.

Diabetes Care Rewards Program

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Participants can receive diabetes medications and supplies with $0 co-pays, when they meet program requirements.
Diabetes Care Rewards Program Overview
Get a free Accu-Check Guide meter and test strips!

Note: select "Minuteman Nashoba Health Group" when prompted for "Employer/Plan Administrator"

Fitness and Healthy Eating Resources

BCBS Fitness and Weight Loss Reimbursement
Harvard Pilgrim Health Plan Fitness Reimbursement - up to $150 per year for health club/fitness center memberships
Tufts Health Plan Fitness Reimbursement - fitness center rebates, plus discounts at in-network fitness centers and participating chains

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Concord Recreation Group Exercise Programs
Office Workout - Exercises you can do at your desk!

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MNHG Weight Watchers Discount

50% discount includes WW Freestyle program and Wellness Workshops (meetings). Contact Wellness Coordinator Marcy Morrison at marcymohealth@verizon.net for more information.                                    

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