Application Process

Step 1: Multi-dwelling units with 5 or more living units are eligible to be an EV Ready Pilot Program participant. If you’re eligible, proceed to Step 2.

Step 2: Fill out and submit an application by December 10, 2019 to receive engineering design services through the EV Ready Pilot Program.


Submit the application to Energy Conservation Coordinator Jan Aceti at: Contact Jan via email or at 978-318-3151 if you have questions during the application process.

Step 3: CMLP will select three multi-dwelling units to participate in the pilot program based on the following criteria:

⇨ Each participant chosen will have a different parking area type. Descriptions and examples are below.

Participant 1 Participant 2 Participant 3
Indoor parking area inside or attached 
to the dwelling area (e.g. (common 
underground garage or multiple individual garages)
Covered and walled parking area 
remote from dwelling area
Uncovered parking area remote from dwelling 

Applicants with more than one parking area type will be eligible for selection in more than one category. If applicant is selected, CMLP will pay for design of EV charging infrastructure for one parking area type only.

CMLP will strive to include one condo complex and one rental property among the participants.

If more than one combination of applicants would meet the criteria above, CMLP will also consider the following criteria: 

Priority 1: Percentage of households at your multi-dwelling unit that already own EVs or are Committed EV Purchasers.

Priority 2: Your multi-dwelling unit’s history of completing property improvement projects successfully.

Step 4: If selected, provide input to the design process. Attend a pre-design meeting to discuss any particular concerns or unique aspects of the property that may impact the design. Provide engineering team with access to common areas during a site visit, if necessary. If it appears that multiple charging infrastructure design options exist for a particular property, a subsequent meeting may be held to choose among them.

Step 5: Review the completed EV charging infrastructure designs and cost estimates, and decide to apply either for dedicated or shared charging infrastructure funding.                                                                       

Step 6: Apply for funding within 4 months, once the application period opens in early 2020. An application form and procedures will be provided at that time. CMLP will provide a total of $75,000 in financial incentives for installation across the 3 pilot participants. The funding can be used for equipment and installation costs. If funding is requested for shared charging, it can be used for ongoing service fees for shared charging stations, under certain conditions.

The method by which the $75,000 will be allocated among the pilot program participants will be determined once infrastructure costs and installation requirements are known.

Step 7: Proceed with installation of your EV charging infrastructure.

Multi-dwelling units may participate in the EV Ready Pilot Program or the Shared Charger Program, but not both. Read about the Shared Charger Program here and decide which is right for you. 


For questions about the EV Ready Program, contact Jan Aceti, CMLP’s Energy Conservation Coordinator, at or 978-318-3151.