Economic Vitality Committee

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Economic Vitality Committee Members

Member   Term Expires
Remon Karian   2023
Mark Martines Commercial Property Owner 2023
Jennifer McGonigle   2023
Marie Foley Local Business Owner/Manager 2024
Dawn Rennert   2025
Jennifer Schunemann, Chair   2024
Steven Verrill Commercial Property Owner 2023
Cato Anderson Community Member 2025
Jan Turnquist   2025
Michael Lawson Community Member 2025
Beth Williams Tourism & Visitor Center Manager 2023

Economic Vitality Committee Charge


The long-range plan- Envision Concord Bridge to 2030 lists as Big Idea 1, “Strengthen the sustainability of local business districts and the cultural, historic and civic assets in Concord by connecting businesses to cultural, historic, and civic resources, and developing coordinated strategies that serve cross-sector goals.” As a step in this process, the Select Board suggests the formation of a committee to study economic vitality of the four retail districts and their connections to the historical and cultural resources that bring tourists to Concord and are enjoyed by the citizens of the Town. By Economic Vitality, the Select Board means to incorporate tourism, the vitality of the town’s retail districts and more traditional economic development. However, this committee will be asked to focus on retail sustainability and tourism.


Purpose and Goals

The purpose of the Economic Vitality Committee is to:

  • Define Economic Vitality as it applies to the four Concord retail districts
  • Research and suggest ways to connect tourists to the business districts
  • Explore and make recommendations about the role of transportation in accomplishing goals
  • Explore and recommend revenue sources such as public-private partnerships, grants, etc.
  • Make recommendations as to how the Town can support the business districts with existing resources
  • Explore ways to benefit from regional efforts to achieve similar goals.
  • Balance the vitality of businesses and tourism with our collective ongoing stewardship of town historic and cultural resources. 


The Economic Vitality Committee shall be comprised of 13 members appointed by the Select Board. The term of office shall be three years.

Membership shall be as follows:

  • Two commercial property owners to represent the four retail districts: Concord Center, the Depot, West Concord and Nine Acre Corner (2)
  • Two owner/manager of local business from the four retail districts (2)
  • Two representatives of local historical/cultural institutions (2)
  • Executive Director of Concord Chamber of Commerce, or designee (1)
  • One representative of Planning Dept., or designee (1)
  • Town Visitor and Tourism Manager (1)
  • Four community members (4)

The Committee shall elect a chair, keep minutes of its deliberations, observe the Open Meeting and Public Records law, and comply with other laws and regulations fostering a free and open discussion of ideas.


Duties and Responsibilities

Analyze goals and report to Select Board with specific recommendations that can be implemented to support the goals. Report progress to Select Board in July, 2020 and annually thereafter.

Explore and recommend methods the Town and Community can take to support local businesses during the emergency and recovery.


Other Considerations

The Committee shall comply with the provisions of the Open Meeting Law, the Public Records Law, the Conflict of Interest Law and all other applicable laws and regulations of the Commonwealth as well as all relevant Bylaws and Administrative Policies of the Town.