Customer Service

2021 UTILITY LIEN REMINDER – Property owners with Electric, Water, or Sewer account balances of 60 days or more overdue as of November 30th will have those utility arrearages added as a lien to their quarterly property tax bill issued December 31st. Utility payments received after November 30th will not affect the lien balance. Payments to be applied to balances in arrears after November 31st must be made to the Town Assessor.

Contact Customer Service at 978-318-3101 or regarding Electric, Water, Sewer and Broadband for both residential and commercial services such as:

  • To set up new service
  • To cancel existing service
  • Bill requests
  • Budget payment arrangements
  • Usage concerns
  • Broken/damaged meter
  • Special service requests
  • Rebates

To change or update account information such as contact name, phone numbers, mailing address, etc., you must send a written request via email to