How to Apply

Note: CMLP’s Air Source Heat Pump Rebate requires pre-approval by Abode Energy Management before installation begins. Look for the Pre-Approval Process link on our Air-Source Heat Pump Rebates page.

With assistance from your installer or Abode's Heat Pump Specialist, use the online rebate portal to complete the rebate application and upload the following documents. Collect all required documents listed below before beginning your application. The document upload section of the application cannot be saved unless all required documents are present.

  • Home Energy Assessment (HEA): For residential customers in buildings with 1 to 4 dwelling units, date of completed or scheduled home energy assessment must be entered in the online rebate portal. Assessments performed by Energy New England, which is CMLP's HEA provider, MassSave or other assessment providers are all accepted.
    • Completed Home Energy Assessment
      • If you believe you had an assessment in the last three years through CMLP, but do not know the date, contact Energy New England, CMLP’s assessment provider, at 1-888-772-4242 or for assistance.
      • For the date of a previous MassSave assessment, see the cover sheet of your audit report. MassSave can send you a copy of a previous audit if you have misplaced yours or you can find out your previous audit date by calling them at 800-632-8300.
    • Scheduling a Home Energy Assessment
  • Building Permits: Your electrician must apply for a Town permit.  CMLP will not award rebates until projects have passed electrical inspection by Concord's Building Department. If sheet metal duct work beyond minor repairs are also part of your installation, you must also have a sheet metal permit. Contact information and hours for the Building Department are here. Find out more details about ASHP permits here.

  • Invoice: A copy of the paid invoice, showing model numbers, total costs and invoice date. The rebate application must be received within 1 year of installation invoice date.

  • Income Verification: If applying for a residential income-based rebate, provide income verification. Click for eligibility thresholds and income verification methods.

  • Installer Training: A letter or certificate from the manufacturer verifying that the installer has successfully completed at least 4 hours of manufacturer training within the last 5 years for the type of product installed in your home. See item #2 on the Project Eligibility Criteria page for more details. All installers' technicians on the Participating Contractor List (PCL) have received the appropriate manufacturer training. The Participating Contractor will provide you with a copy of the certificate to upload with your rebate application.
  • AHRI Certificate provided by the installer.
  • Heat Load Calculation: For projects designed to heat a building without a backup heat source, a copy of the summary report for the Manual J or Manual N heat load calculation, at the 99% dry bulb heating design temperature for the most relevant ACCA location. Heating set temperatures may be between 68 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • W-9 Form. Commercial customers applying for a rebate of $600 or more, and receiving your rebate by check, submit your company’s W-9 on IRS’s Oct. 2018 (or newer) Form.

Rebate applications must be received within 1 year of installation invoice date. 

The Town of Concord assumes no liability for any equipment, installation or damages, and may inspect equipment to verify the above information up to 1 year after receiving the rebate application. 

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