2022 Pavement Markings


2022 Pavement Markings

Town Contacts:

Joseph Cormier, Assistant Public Works Engineer, Concord Public Works (CPW)– Engineering Division, 978-318-3210, jcormier@concordma.gov

Project Overview: 

The Concord Public Work Engineering Division and the Concord Police Department Safety Office implements an annual town-wide pavement markings project. The goal of this project is to renew all pavement markings throughout the Town. This includes repainting all the crosswalks, stop bars, stencils, on street parking stalls, as well as center and fog lines. High traffic areas are scheduled to be repainted twice a season due to their high rate of deterioration.  

Project Schedule:

On March 16th bids were opened for the annual Pavement Markings contract. After reviewing bids, the contract was awarded to the lowest bidder, K5 Corporation for 64,548.00. CPW is in the process of Executing this contract with the contractor.

Line painting will begin in April prior to the Patriots Day Parade, weather permitting, utilizing last year’s 2021 Pavement markings contract with Atlantic Pavement Markings. This will include painting all markings within the parade route. For the remaining season, pavement markings in high traffic locations have been prioritized to be re-painted first. Line painting will continue to be conducted throughout the construction season with the goal to be completed by the end of September.