DriveEV Rebate Program

Concord's "rEVolutionary" Rebate!

CMLP wants to help you get an electric vehicle that’s right for you. Concord residents can get a rebate of up to $1,000 after the purchase or lease of a new or pre-owned plug-in electric vehicle (EV). Rebates are available for:

  • battery electric vehicles (BEVs), which have a rechargeable battery and rely on electricity as their sole source of fuel.
  • plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEVs), which have a rechargeable battery as well as a gasoline tank that can be used when the battery is empty.

Before you purchase or lease an EV, review the information at these links:

Rebate Amounts:

In the interest of increasing access to EVs for all residents of Concord, CMLP offers larger rebates for households with income at or below 80% or 120% of the median Income for the Boston Metropolitan Area. Eligibility is based on household size and income. Review our Residential Income-Based Rebate Guidelines to see if you qualify. 

Ceilings by
Household Size

Rebate Amount for Purchased, Leased, New or Used Vehicle

Rebate Type

Household SizeTotal Income
Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV)
Plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV)
80% Income-Based Rebate**
For applicants whose income is at or below ceilings shown here (80% of the Boston Metropolitan Area median income)
120% Income-Based Rebate**
For applicants whose income is at or below ceilings shown here (120% of the Boston Metropolitan Area median income).
Standard Rebate
For applicants exceeding the household income ceilings above

**To receive an income-based rebate, the residential customer must complete one of the accepted income verification methods listed at the bottom of the Residential Income-Based Rebates page.

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Eligibility Criteria:

  • Any EV purchased or leased must have a final sale price of under $50,000 if new or under $25,000 if used.  
    • The final sale price may be listed on your purchase agreement as “Total Cash Price” or on the lease agreement as “Agreed Upon Value”, or similar. However, language on purchase agreements does vary. Refer to the following bullet for details on the costs included in the final sale price.
    • The final sale price cap refers to the final purchase price of the vehicle, which is set by the manufacturer, and is intended to encompass the value of the vehicle itself, in full. The final purchase price includes the costs associated with the trim level of the vehicle with all color options, wheel upgrades, drive train or battery upgrades, and other packages, such as entertainment system upgrades. Costs not included in the purchase price are destination or delivery charges, sales and use taxes, additional maintenance or repair packages purchased from the dealership or showroom, documentation fees, registration fees, or add-ons which relate to the maintenance or operation of the vehicle, such as electric vehicle charging packages, floor mats, first aid kits, cargo nets, etc.
  • Only purchases of new and used Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) plug-in electric light duty, highway capable passenger vehicles are eligible for a rebate. (Fuel cell vehicles, electric bikes, electric motorcycles, electric scooters, neighborhood vehicles or conversion or hobbyist EVs are not eligible.)
  • Any used EV must be a 2013 or newer model.
  • Any PHEV purchased or leased must have an all-electric range of at least 25 miles.
  • EVs must be purchased or leased from a licensed new or used auto dealer or manufacturer. Private sales are not eligible.
  • Leased vehicles must be subject to a lease agreement of at least 3 years.
  • Vehicle must be purchased or leased after September 13, 2021.
  • Rebate application must be received by CMLP within 1 year of the effective date on the vehicle purchase or lease agreement.
  • Customer must have an active, residential electricity account with CMLP.
  • Vehicle must be registered to an individual (not a business).
  • Each service address is eligible for only one rebate every 5 years, unless there is a new account holder within that time period. The eligibility period re-starts at year 1 for each new account holder at the service address. 

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How to Apply:

Step 1: Before buying or leasing a car, we strongly encourage you to contact our EV Support Service at or 833-443-8363 to confirm that the car you're interested in qualifies for the DriveEV rebate. 

You can also request advice from our EV Specialists to ensure that your EV buying journey goes smoothly. For example:

  • If you don’t yet have a vehicle in mind, you can request advice on what cars will meet your needs. 
  • For used electric car purchases, the EV Specialists can help you do a battery health check prior to purchase or lease. This is strongly encouraged in order to flag certain known problem vehicles for battery degradation. 

Step 2: After vehicle is purchased or leased, apply for the rebate by clicking on the "Apply" button below to fill out CMLP’s online rebate application.

Have electronic copies of the following required documents ready to be uploaded with application:

  1. Executed vehicle purchase or lease agreement.
  2. Vehicle registration. Address on registration must be the service address associated with the applicant’s residential electricity account.
  3. Income Verification: Customers requesting rebate amounts at the 80% or 120% of median income levels must complete one of the income verification methods described in our Residential Income-Based Rebate Guidelines and upload the resulting proof-of-income verification with the DriveEV rebate application.

APPLY BUTTON Opens in new window

 Step 3: After rebate processing and approval, a bill credit or check is issued for the appropriate amount. 

  • Any rebate under $600 is issued as a bill credit. 
  • Any customer in good standing may choose to receive a rebate of $600 or more as either a bill credit or a check from the Town. 
  • A rebate check will arrive in 4 – 6 weeks after rebate approval. 
  • If a customer requesting a check has been in arrears frequently in the past two years, CMLP may apply all or part of the rebate as a bill credit rather than as a check.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Who can I contact if I have questions about the DriveEV rebate?
Contact Jan Aceti, CMLP’s Energy Conservation Coordinator, at or 978-318-3151.

Are there other federal, state or local incentives available to Concord residents who purchase or lease an EV?
Yes! The vehicle you purchase or lease may also be eligible for:

Here's how the available incentives can add up:

Federal tax credit($7,500$4,502
MA MOR-EV rebate($2,500)($1,500)
CMLP's DriveEV rebate($1,000)($550)
Total Incentives($11,000)($6,552)
Net purchase cost

Disclaimers: Federal tax credit amounts assume full eligibility by the purchaser and for the vehicle. PHEV tax credit is shown for demonstration purposes only. Actual PHEV tax credit amount is based on battery size, and ranges from $2,500 - $7,500. The CMLP rebates shown are available for households earning up to 80% of the Boston metro area median income. Rebates for households with higher incomes are lower. Consult with a Concord EV Specialist at or 833-443-8363 for more information on purchaser and/or vehicle eligibility for each incentive. EV Specialists can also tell you about available manufacturer and dealer discounts.   

In addition, CMLP’s EV Level 2 rebate helps you pay for a home charging system. The EV Miles Program provides electric bill credits when you charge your car during off-peak hours.

Who can I contact if I have questions about buying, charging or driving an electric vehicle?

Contact our trained EV Specialist Team at 833-443-8363 or to ask questions about all things EV. You will also find a wealth of information at

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