Curbside Compost

While the Town does not currently offer a municipal curbside compost collection program, we are aware of interest. Until such a program can be responsibly evaluated and developed, residents can currently subscribe to curbside collection of kitchen waste from several companies. The list below was developed through a limited internet search for curbside pickup in December 2021. The companies are not approved or vetted vendors by the Town. Additional vendors, beyond those listed below, may become available and rates are subject to change. Research should be conducted by individual consumers at the point of purchase. If you know of other companies that provide curbside compost services in Concord, please email If you would like to participate in a free pilot food waste dropoff program, please see read more on the associated webpage.

Residential Options

  • Black Earth Compost 
    • Weekly pickup 
      • $14.99/month
      • $80.99/6 months ($13.50/month)
  • City Compost 
    • Weekly pick up: $6/service (~$24/month)
    • Every other week pick up: $8/service (~$16/month)
    • Monthly pick up: $10/service

Commercial Options

Commercial entities interested in organic waste recycling should also review the information provided by Concord’s Public Health Department.

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