Assabet River Bluff

Tucked in a bend of the Assabet River in West Concord, Assabet River Bluff consists of 7 acres offered to the Town for open space and housing purposes.

The project also includes the preservation of 6 acres for open space, and a reservation of 1 acre for affordable housing, with five affordable dwelling units planned. The purchase of the entire 7 acre is a cooperative effort among conservation and housing interests:

 -the Land Trust,
 -Sudbury Valley Trustees (SVT),
 -Town of Concord,
 -Concord Municipal Affordable Housing Trust (CMAHT),
 -Concord Housing Foundation (CHF) and
 -Concord Housing Development Corporation (CHDC).

Assabet River Bluff from the rail trail

Assabet River Bluff from the rail trail. Photo by Hannah Chevalier