Citizen Complaints

Citizen Complaints

A relationship of trust and confidence between the employees of this police department and the community is essential to the successful accomplishment of law enforcement objectives. Our officers are sworn to protect the rights of all people, regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, or disability. We take this duty seriously and for that reason we have adopted internal safeguards to prevent abuses of authority by police employees. Complaints of such abuses will be vigorously investigated.

If you believe that an employee of the Concord Police Department has acted in an abusive or unprofessional manner toward you or others, you are encouraged to report that employee to a police supervisor. 

How to File a Complaint against a Concord Police Department Employee

Any person, who witnesses or has direct knowledge of misconduct by a Concord Police Department employee, may file a complaint. The following misconduct should be reported immediately.

  • Violations of State or Federal Laws
  • Violations of Town By-Laws
  • Excessive Use of Force or Abusive Treatment        
  • Discourteousness

Any person who wishes to initiate a complaint against a police department employee should call by telephone or visit the Concord Police Department. You should always ask to speak with a supervisor. The supervisor may make an attempt to resolve your complaint. If the supervisor is unable to resolve the matter, you may submit a written complaint form to the supervisor at the police station. A copy of a citizen’s complaint form may be obtained at the police station, or downloaded by clicking the link below.

Complaint Against Officer Form

How You Will Be Notified Of the Results Of The Investigation

At the conclusion of the investigation, you will be notified, in writing, of the outcome. The investigating officer will make every attempt to complete the investigation within thirty days of the receipt of the complaint. If for some reason the investigation is not completed within thirty days, the investigating officer will notify you about the delay.