HSA-Qualified High Deductible Health Plans

Lower premiums than the Lower-Deductible plans. A $2,000 deductible for individual plans; a $4,000 deductible for family plans.  Medical services are covered in full after the deductible! That means there are no medical copays – the deductible is your full exposure for covered medical expenses! Prescriptions count toward the combined medical/Rx deductible (except for certain preventative drugs--see lists below). After the deductible, you will only make copays on prescriptions; those copays are limited by a per person/family out-of-pocket max.

Open Enrollment Health Plan Rates Effective 7-1-23
Open Enrolment Health Plan Comparison Chart HSA-Qualified Plans Effective 7-1-23

2023-2024 Summaries of Benefits & Coverage (SBCs)
SBC--BCBS-HSA-Qualified-Network-Blue-New-England- Select Saver-Plan--Limited-Network-2023-2024

Current Health Plan Rates Effective 7-1-22
Current Health Plan Comparison Chart HSA-Qualified Plans Effective 7-1-22

Current 2022-2023 Summaries of Benefits & Coverage (SBCs)
SBC - BCBS HSA-Qualified Network Blue New England Plan (Full Network)
SBC - Harvard Pilgrim HSA-Qualified HMO Plan
SBC - Tufts HSA-Qualified EPO (HMO) Plan

MNHG Plan Documents and Links
Blue Cross Blue Shield 
Harvard Pilgrim

Preventative Medication Lists
The medications on these lists are generally available to HSA-Qualified plan members at no additional cost.  The lists below are subject to change--please refer to your health plan carrier’s website for the most current information.

Preventative Medications - BCBS
Preventative Medications - Tufts
Preventative Medications - Harvard Pilgrim

Additional Benefits
Explore these great programs, which offer significant savings and convenience!

CanaRx Prescription Drug Mail-Order Program
The CanaRx program makes brand name maintenance medications available for $0 co-pay. Medications are delivered by mail. Check out the drug list for your health plan below to see if your medication is available through this great program. Note: HSA-Qualified plan members are eligible only for preventative medications through this program.

CanaRx Enrollment Form & Rx List - HSA Plans

Good Health Gateway Diabetes Care Rewards
Allows members to receive diabetes medications and supplies with $0 co-pays, when they meet program requirements.

Good Health Gateway Flyer
Diabetes Care Rewards for HSAQ Plan Members - Note: Fallon HSA-Qualified plan members are not eligible for $0 co-pays through this program
Good Health Gateway Free Accu-Check Meter Flyer
Good Health Gateway Website Note: select "Minuteman Nashoba Health Group" when prompted for "Employer/Plan Administrator"

Lyric Health/My Telemedicine
Access a doctor from your mobile device or computer 24/7/365 with no copay! Click on the overview to learn more.