2229 Main Street Advisory Task Force

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Committee Charge

2229 Main Street Advisory Task Force Charge

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  • Paul Boehm, Chair
  • Carrie Flood, Vice-Chair
  • Court Booth
  • Frank "Rich" Feeley
  • Kurt Herman
  • Pamela Hill
  • Gary Kleiman
  • David Ropeik
  • Karl Seidman

All member terms are to expire at the completion of the work of the Task Force or on May 31, 2026.


The property at 2229 Main Street is a 46-acre site once operated by the defense contractor Starmet, formerly Nuclear Metals, Inc. (NMI). The company made depleted uranium products for the U.S. Department of Defense, as well as other specialty metal products. Manufacturing operations resulted in soil and water contamination on the property.  The site was placed on the U.S. EPA’s national priorities list in 2001 and is now a Superfund site. 

In 2015, Concord Town Meeting voted to authorize the Select Board to acquire the property at a future time when cleanup “to a residential standard” has been accomplished.  Since then, significant progress has been made toward clean-up of the site, including partial removal of contaminated soil from the site, isolation of the holding basin, deconstruction of the buildings and removal of the radioactive drums contained on the site. The EPA has set up a website on this superfund site and has been providing project updates on the progress made by their site contractor, de Maximus.  

The 2229 Main Street Oversight Committee has been monitoring these cleanup efforts and advising the Select Board and other town officials.  It is anticipated that this committee will continue to work with the cleanup contractors and the EPA, and that if the Town acquires the property, the committee will oversee and monitor institutional controls.

The Nuclear Metals/Starmet Property Re-use Planning Committee was formed to assist the town with identifying possible ways to reuse the property at 2229 Main Street for maximum public benefit.  Their final report from 2021 can be found here.

The purpose of the 2229 Main Street Advisory Task Force is to recommend to the Select Board whether the Town should acquire the property at 2229 Main Street.   Would this be a sensible business decision, and if so, how, when, and under what conditions should the Town acquire it?

As stated above, the 2015 Town Meeting authorized this acquisition for a future time, if and when the Select Board votes to do so.  In making this decision, the Task Force and the Select Board will need to consider potential uses for the site as well as potential risk, liability, timing, costs, institutional controls, liens and other legal matters.  The job of the Task Force is to thoroughly research these matters, seek public input, and then make recommendations to the Select Board.

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