The Concord Municipal Light Plant (CMLP) is responsible for providing 170,000-megawatt hours of electricity to 6,898 residential customers, 1,244 commercial customers, and 69 municipal customers in Concord. Since the Light Plant does not have generating capability, it purchases its power from outside suppliers. To distribute the electricity, the CMLP operates three substations along with transmission and distribution facilities. Power lines are maintained by CMLP line workers.  To monitor the system, the Light Plant has a modern, consolidated operations center.   As a Town Enterprise, the Light Plant is supported by revenue raised from electric utility rates and other charges paid by its customers. Current resources are allocated to pay for the upkeep of existing infrastructure, purchase of power, administration and CMLP customer-related programs.  

The Telecommunications Division within CMLP, managed by the Chief Information & Technology Officer who reports to the CMLP Director, provides broadband service to residences and businesses.


  • Deployed new enterprise software that integrates billing, engineering, and operational applications to streamline processes and improve financial reporting.
  • Replaced 600 overhead metal halide streetlights with high-efficiency and reliable LED equivalents and added new, long-term renewable power supply to the portfolio equal to 6.1% of energy needs.
  • Rolled out a new solar program that adds $1,200/kilowatt to CMLP’s existing $625/kW incentive to install locally generated solar.
  • Promoted electric vehicle adoption by offering free expert advice, hosting Ride & Drives, creating new online resources, displaying EVs and information tables at 8 community events, granting forty $250 Level 2 charging infrastructure rebates and installing 3 new public charging stations. The number of electric vehicles in Town rose 31% in 2019.
  • Completed 115 home energy assessments and gave $133,000 to commercial customers for high efficiency lighting. Fifty-two heat pumps were installed in Concord.
  • Improved the reliability of power supply from Eversource, CMLP’s upstream provider, by replacing 23 year-old transmission line relays. In the event of a failure, or during maintenance, there are now two additional secondary modes of protection, which will back up the line relays.
  • Performed regular maintenance and upgrade of the distribution system: replacing direct-buried wires with conduit, upgrading several overhead distribution conductors, and extending the existing underground duct bank along Lexington Rd near Cambridge Turnpike greatly improving the reliability, expansion of broadband services and visual impact in the area.  
  • Relocated and upgraded the transformer serving the Concord Library to greatly improve reliability and flexibility as well as upgraded overhead lighting at the Walden and Keyes Road Parking Lots.