Acceptable Items

DropOff Acceptable Items

Item Description & Details
Appliances Refrigerators, stoves, microwaves, air conditioners, dryers, dehumidifiers, etc. $12 - $20
Bikes Mountain bikes, BMX, hybrids, 3-speed and children's bikes. No rust.  Free
Athletic Shoes
Any brand, any condition.  Free
Batteries Rechargeable (Ni-Cad), lithium, button, and other specialty batteries (no alkaline batteries).
Scrap metal Pots and pans, coat hangers, gas grills, propane tanks, lawn mowers (remove fuel), metal pipe, chain link fencing, lawn chairs, nails, and all other items containing at least 75% metal. Fuel must be removed from lawn mowers, snow blowers, and more. Small amount - Free
Medium amount - $3-$5
For reuse.
Carpeting Carpeting and foam padding. Padding must be separated from carpeting. 8 foot by 10 foot roll - $22
CDs, videos, and DVDs Plastic cases also accepted. N/A
Cell phones and iPods Working or non-working. Free
Crayons Old crayons, any condition. Free
Documents Collectged for off-site shredding $5 per box
Electronics Televisions, monitors, printers, keyboards, fax machines, VCR's, stereo equipment.  NO HARD DRIVES OR COMPUTERS CONTAINING HARD DRIVES
$0.32 per pound. 
Fluorescent bulbs Any length or shape, regular or compact. Free
Mattresses, futons,
box springs
and upholstered furniture
Old mattresses and upholstered furniture in poor condition (sofas, sofa beds, loveseats, armchairs).
$22 - $25
Towels For reuse. Free
Oversized Waste Items for disposal that are too big or heavy to fit in a bag or barrel and set out with regular trash. (such as broken chairs, miscellaneous items, and more). View Current DropOff and SwapOff Flyer 
Printer cartridges From laser and inkjet printers and fax machines.
Propane tanks Any condition, empty or full. $2 - $6
Rags Old clothing, sweaters, blankets, socks, sheets, towels, quilts, curtains, fabric and knitting.  Free
Reusable building materials In good-to-excellent condition: cabinets, doors and windows (no lead paint), plumbing and light fixtures, flooring (wood, tile, sheet vinyl), lumber, plywood, sheet rock (16 square feet and up).
Styrofoam Clean white styrofoam block only. 
$6 per trash bag