Service Plans & Pricing

Residential Service

Service Level
Service Speed
Monthly Prices
35/35 Mbps
70/70 Mbps
150/150 Mbps
300/300 Mbps


Residential Plan Features, Details & Additional Charges

  • Residential Plans feature symmetrical service — upload speed equals the download speed.
  • All Residential Plans have next business day hardware replacement.  
  • Free Help Desk Service with advanced remote diagnostics and customer assistance, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • If service is to be provided underground, a serviceable conduit is the responsibility of the property owner.  
  • Service and fees billed monthly on a month-ahead basis. 
  • Residential installations will incur a one-time installation charge of $150.
  • Residential one-time resumption charge of $50.
  • A two-year contract is required. An early termination will be calculated at a rate of $10 per month, times the number of months remaining in the service agreement. 

Business Service

Service Level
Service Speeds
Hardware Replacement
Entry 70/70 Mbps 
4 hours
Basic 150/150 Mbps 
$89.95 4 hours
Hi-Speed 275/275 Mbps 
4 hours
Ultra 400/400 Mbps 
$199.95 2 hours
Business Enterprise
700/700 Mbps
As low as 1 hour

Business Plan Features, Details & Additional Charges

  • Fully symmetrical service.
  • Technical support with advanced remote diagnostics and customer assistance available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Hardware Replacement time from Help Desk confirmation to arrival at customer location.
  • Detailed usage reporting upon request. 
  • Installation charges for businesses and commercial property are based on a time and material estimate for actual effort. The property owner will be invoiced for installation and payment plans can be established.
  • Optional static IP address available upon request.