Subscription & Disposal Fees

Subscription & Disposal Fees & Retail Outlets

Subscribers to the Municipal Collection Program pay 2 separate fees, a subscription fee that covers the cost for collection of trash and recyclable materials, and a disposal fee (weekly tag or 6-month barrel sticker) that covers the cost for disposal of trash.

Subscription Fees

The subscription fee for Oct. 1, 2021 -  March 31, 2022 and April 1 - Sept. 30, 2022 is $161

Disposal Fees

In addition to subscribing to the municipal collection program, residents must purchase weekly disposal tags (good for one use only) or 6-month barrel stickers (good for 1 barrel for 6 months) for each bag or barrel of trash. Subscribers may use disposal tags, 6-month barrel stickers, or a combination of the 2.  

IF YOU HAVE LEFTOVER GREEN TAGS - YOU CAN EXCHANGE THEM FOR AN EQUAL VALUE OF ORANGE STICKERS WHILE THE TOWN HOUSE IS CLOSED by delivering them with a note to the Black Box at 135 Keyes Road.  Please include your name, address and address to:  CPW - Curbside Collection.

Disposal Tags       $1.80 Each                        New Orange Disposal Tags_Cropped

6-month Barrel Stickers

$46.80 for 6-months

6-month Barrel Stickers

barrel sticker 2016

Retail Outlets for Disposal Tags & Barrel Stickers

Residents must purchase disposal tags and/or barrel stickers in addition to paying a subscription fee.
Weekly disposal tags are available at the locations listed below year round. 6-month barrel stickers are available at all locations during the months of March and April; September and October.  Stickers are no longer available online only Tags are available online.

  • Concord Lumber
  • Crosby's Supermarket 
  • Cumberland Farms (tags only)
  • CVS
  • Marshall Farm (Tags Only March-December)
  • Vanderhoof Hardware
  • West Concord Pharmacy - (SOLD OUT)