Materials Preparation

Residents must have paid their semi-annual collection fee to receive collection. Trash and recyclable materials are collected at curbside once a week and must be set out by 7 a.m. to ensure collection.

Trash Collection Guidelines

  • Each bag or barrel must have an orange disposal tag or 6-month barrel sticker.
  • Trash may be placed in plastic trash bags or barrels up to 34 gallons in size.
  • Barrels and bags must weigh no more than 40 pounds.
  • Materials may not extend above the barrel rim.
  • There is no limit to the number of bags or barrels a resident may set out.
  • Concord's curbside program accepts only items that fit in a bag or barrel. Large items may be disposed of at the semi-annual DropOff days. Contact 978-318-3240 for questions and additional information.

Recyclable Materials Collection

Concord has a dual stream recycling program. Please place paper and commingled materials in separate bins. See guidelines in the tables below.

Paper Bin

Item Important Details
Books Paperbacks or Hard Cover pages only removed from binding
Cardboard Flattened, 30-inch by 30-inch maximum
Copy paper and stationary White and colored paper and staples accepted
Egg cartons  
Paperboard Such as cereal box without liner, shoe box, cardboard tubes
Junk mail and envelopes Window envelopes, labels, and staples accepted
Magazines and inserts  
Paper bags  
Phone books  
Pizza boxes Non-soiled - cut out soiled sections
Shredded paper Not Accepted - Bring to shredding event.
Wrapping paper No foil-type or paper with metallic coloring

Please Note

No paper towels, tissue, napkins, photographs.
Paper can be placed in recycling bin and/or in paper bags beside bin.

During inclement weather: place paper horizontally in bin (flat, to shield papers below). Consider placing commingled bin on top of paper bin if space allows, or consider waiting until the following week.

Commingled Bin

Item Important Details
#1- #5 Plastic Bottles, jugs, jars and tubs (such as soda, sports drinks, shampoo, detergent, milk, mayonnaise, yogurt)
Aseptic containers & frozen food boxes Milk and juice cartons, soy milk, soup boxes and butter boxes. 
Metal Food and beverage cans and tins
Glass bottles and jars All colors.  Tops and Lids must be removed.
Spiral cans Such as nuts and potato chips

Please Note

bags plasticbags
 Please don't bag
commingled materials      
No Plastic Bags 
(or plastic wrap) 

No Styrofoam or #6 plastic (Polystyrene): beverage cups and lids, clam shells, utensils, CD cases, aspirin bottles, etc.

No #7 Plastic (il.e. buckets, large water bottles, utensils, beverage cup lids, food containers).

No aerosol cans or pumps (such as Afrin). Please remove food and rinse. Plastic bottle tops acceptable if on plastic bottle.

No hangers, motor oil, paint, solvent, lubricants or chemical containers. No Plastic Bags (including those with recycling logo). No glasses, window glass, Pyrex, plastic utensils, beverage cup lids, or containers too big to fit inside bin.