CMLP Today

When creating this municipal utility, our founders believed that local control would mean better utility service. CMLP is proud to be a part of the Concord community and of our long tradition of keeping rates competitive and providing superior service. 

Our electric distribution system is reliable and efficient, serving more than 8,600 residential, municipal and business customers throughout Concord. We have several projects underway that will help us maintain high quality and reliable service. 

CMLP strives to provide our customers with an excellent customer service experience, and we are grateful for the opportunity to continue that tradition today. We thank all our customers for your ongoing support.

Concord Broadband

Article 48 (PDF) at the 2013 Town Meeting requested authorization for CMLP to borrow funds to expand its telecommunications operations and bring high-speed Internet service to Concord business and residential customers. Funds borrowed under this article will be repaid through the fees charged to the users of the Broadband service.

Concord Broadband provides a 100% fiber optic solution for Internet access that is faster and more reliable than other local options. Even better, our Internet service comes with the same hometown benefits that Concord's electric customers have enjoyed since 1898; high quality, reliable service that is both affordable and personal.

For more details, visit Concord Broadband.