Division of Natural Resources

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Due to the COVID-19 virus, all town buildings are closed to the public until further notice. Non-essential services have been suspended. Wetland filings will be accepted via a Drop Box outside the front door of the Department of Planning and Land Management building at 141 Keyes Road. Roll plans are not able to be accepted at this time and should be submitted via a flash drive or CD (please place drive or CD in an envelope with the address or project clearly noted). A flash drive or CD with a complete set of application materials should also be provided. Application materials smaller than 10MB may be emailed to NR@concordma.gov.

Please click here for additional guidance from DEP.

NRC meetings are being held via teleconference. The Commission and members of the public will participate remotely in order to minimize exposure to and transmission of COVID-19. The meeting agenda will contain information on how to participate: 


Mission Statement: The mission of the Natural Resources Division is to protect and enhance the natural resources in Town, including wetlands, ponds, streams, riparian corridors, open space, and farmland, and to provide environmental outreach and education to Concord residents.

The Division of Natural Resources assists the Natural Resources Commission (NRC) in conserving and protecting natural resources of the Town.
The responsibility includes administering and enforcing the state Wetlands Protection Act and Concord Wetlands Bylaw, updating and implementing the Open Space and Recreation Plan, reviewing and monitoring Conservation Restrictions and Agricultural Preservation Restrictions, coordinating land protection efforts with various boards, committees, and organizations, providing stewardship over more than 1,400 acres of conservation land, developing and maintaining agricultural agreements , and developing and supporting community gardens on Town lands