Town Manager


The mission of the Office of Town Manager is to support the Town Manager and the Select Board in the performance of their administrative and managerial duties as established by the laws of Massachusetts, Town bylaws, and the Concord Town Charter.


The Town Manager is the chief executive of Town government, exclusive of the public schools, which is managed by the Superintendent of Schools. The Town Manager's Office provides general administrative support to the Select Board.

The Office staff is comprised of the Town Manager, Assistant Town Manager, Public Information Officer and 2 administrative staff members; the Town Manager is responsible for the management of all Town Departments, all Town funds (general fund and enterprise funds), for providing support to the volunteer committee system (including appointment of 13 committees), working with other levels of government, and managing special projects for the Select Board.

Policies, Programs, Town Meeting

The Town Manager's Office is also responsible for the continual review of policies and programs in an effort to provide improved service. The staff is responsible for the coordination of activities leading up to the Annual Town Meeting, as well as a variety of other public hearings and forums.

Statement by Town Manager Stephen Crane on Recent Protests

June 2, 2020

To our Concord community, we find it difficult to find words to express our sadness at the events of the past week that were prompted, in part, by the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. We condemn the actions of the officers involved in his death and those of any one who has acted out of bigotry. Please know that the Town of Concord works to ensure that our Town remains a welcoming community where our residents and visitors alike find peace and solitude. Our Police Department is our partner in safety and they work to uphold fairness and equality in all things they do.

Here in Concord, we honor and respect the peaceful protest and words of solidarity with those feeling the most impacted by these tragedies. The protests taking place across the country are inspiring as we watch thousands march together peacefully in the pursuit of social justice. We hope that their effort to raise awareness and affect change is not lost during these turbulent times.

As a Town, we support our friends and neighbors in times of need and work together towards a brighter future. In times of darkness, we rely on our community to find the light and work together to overcome adversity—racial, economic, or otherwise. The outpouring of support coming from Concord’s citizens during this dark time reveals our character as a community as one of support and love. We thank you for your encouragement as we continue to serve the needs of Concord and urge you to stay safe.

It’s important that we not let the recent issues divert attention from the far-reaching and ever-present effects of the COVID19 pandemic. As was well demonstrated in Concord during the last two nights’ protest gatherings and as we have said before, remember to keep your distance from others, wear a face covering when in public, wash your hands frequently, and remain vigilant about monitoring your health. As our community reopens, please support local businesses as safely as possible. The Town of Concord is working every day to be ready to reopen so residents can once again enjoy the high-quality services we offer.

Your continued patience and support will be needed, and tested, now more than ever. If we can stick together, we will come out of these challenging times on the other side stronger for what we have faced and prepared for a bright future.

Please stay safe!