Conservation Lands

The Natural Resources Division manages nearly 1,500 acres of conservation land in Concord. Some of the more popular areas include the Hapgood Wright Town Forest, Mattison Field, October Farm Riverfront, Punkatasset Preserve, and the White Pond Reservation. Conservation lands are open to the public, subject to certain Rules and Regulations  and visitors are encouraged to enjoy these areas. Certain activities require a Land Use Permit from the Division of Natural Resources (DNR). Please contact the Natural Resources Division with any questions at 978-318-3285.

Click here to view individual trail maps and guides completed by the Trails Committee that provide information about the historical and ecological treasures each property possesses, as well as links to adjacent Town and regional trail systems.

Important Information on Ticks in Concord

Unfortunately, the deer tick population is increasing, and the number of pathogens that are transmitted by ticks is on the rise too. Ticks are prevalent on conservation lands, as well as yards, golf courses, and fields. Not all ticks carry pathogens, but many do. Please be aware of the hazards of deer ticks, how to avoid being bitten, and what to do if you have been bitten. For more information, please click here or visit the Health Division’s webpage