What Is An Outreach Worker?

A Council on Aging Outreach Worker literally reaches out to seniors in our community who might need assistance with a variety of issues as they grow older. Services range from information and referrals, to home visits and assessments, to advocacy, crisis counseling and case management. Our Outreach staff would be more than happy to meet with you to talk about issues you are facing and offer appropriate suggestions and support. Please call the office to speak with someone or set up an appointment for a home visit.

Family Assistance with Aging Parents

Are you trying to help your parents or other aging relatives with resources to help them remain safe and independent? Many questions and concerns emerge as we try to assist our loved ones as they age. The Council on Aging Outreach Team members are more than happy to speak with you about your situation and offer suggestions, advice and support.

Outreach services are offered free of charge and all information is kept confidential. Call (978) 318-3020 for more information.