Electric Bill Surcharges

Understanding Your Residential Electric Bill

Other line items on your bill include:

  • Rate Stabilization Fund
    • All residential and business customers are subject to this charge or credit. Effective December 31, 2016, the Rate Stabilization charge ended. CMLP began to issue a credit to customers of -$0.005 per kWh used effective January 1, 2017. In March of 2018, the credit was reduced to $0.004 per kWh. The credit will be further reduced to $0.003 in March 2019. Significantly higher wholesale capacity charges were anticipated from June 1, 2016 to May 31, 2017, so we put funds aside to offset these costs in order to avoid a steeper increase to customers in 2017.
  • New York Power Authority Credit
    • This credit is based upon savings realized by purchasing hydroelectric power from the New York Power Authority. Under Federal Law, this savings is passed only to residential customers. Note: The power consumed by residential customers is more than 20% green about half of which is purchased from the New York Power Authority.
  • Power Cost Adjustment (PCA)
    • Concord Municipal Light Plant (CMLP) buys its electricity from generating sources such as natural gas, land fill gas, solar, and hydro. Costs associated with each source can fluctuate dramatically. The PCA is used to adjust for increases or decreases in wholesale power and transmission costs (representing about 80% of CMLP costs) and to insure costs are revenue neutral to CMLP.
  • Underground Surcharge
    • The Underground Surcharge is a 1.5% fee used to help offset the cost of placing existing overhead wires underground. Under-grounding all utilities in Concord is a Town bylaw.
  • Energy Conservation Charge
    • This charge covers the cost of Energy Conservation Service Programs required by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. This charge is 0.52% of the total current charges billed excluding the finance charge and sales tax.