Policy For Out of Town Seniors

Policy for Out of Town and Non-Senior Participation

Updated 10/2020

In 2014, when participation grew to the extent that programs were routinely above capacity, the COA in consultation with the Town Manager's office made the decision to impose restrictions on non-residents of Concord as a way of ensuring high quality services to Concord seniors.

Grandfather Clause

Seniors who are "grandfathered in" may participate in programs and activities with the following exceptions:

Social Services - we are unable to provide social services to seniors who do not reside in Concord

Van Service - we cannot provide transportation to seniors who do not reside in Concord

COA Trips - senior residents of Concord have first priority for ticket purchases, grandfathered seniors are the second priority group

You are considered grandfathered in if you meet either of the criteria below:

1. Out-of-town resident, active at the COA before July 1, 2014 when the original policy was created.

2. Concord resident, active at the COA, that later moved out of town.

Fee-Based Classes

For fee-based classes where instructors are paid directly and reservations are required:

  • Sign-ups will be open to Concord seniors and out of town seniors placed on a waiting list.
  • Out-of-town seniors may call two business days before the start of the class or event to see if there is room.
  • Out-of-town seniors will pay the same fee as Concord seniors.

For fee-based classes where instructors are paid directly and reservations are not required (drop-in classes), registration is not open to out-of-town seniors unless they are grandfathered in.


  • Concord seniors will be given first priority to sign up for trips.
  • Seniors that have been grandfathered in will have second priority. They will be included after the first two weeks of registration if space is available.
  • Out-of-town seniors will be added to a wait list and allowed to attend if there is room after groups 1 & 2 have been accommodated. Out-of-town seniors on the wait list will be advised of their trip status only within two days of the trip.

Virtual Programs

  • Virtual programs with an attendance limit will be limited to Concord seniors or those grandfathered in.
  • Virtual programs with no limit to participation and with no cost to the COA will be open to out-of-town participants at no additional cost.
  • Virtual programs with no limit to participation that are funded by the COA (paid performers or lecturers) will be open to out-of-town seniors with an appropriate fee required, due upon registration.

Invited Senior Guests

Concord residents may invite an out-of-town senior (age 60+) as their guests. They will be expected to comply with the out-of-town policy as outlined above.

Invited Guests Under 60 Years of Age

If a Concord senior would like to invite a non-senior guest to accompany them at an event, they may call the day before the event to determine if there is space. Non-seniors cannot be invited to classes or to ongoing programming. 

No guests under the age of 18 will be permitted unless the COA is hosting a specific intergenerational event.