After an energy assessment, weatherization (insulating & air-sealing your home) is the best first step to improving the comfort of your home and reducing your energy costs and carbon footprint.   

If you heat fully or partially with natural gas, contact the state at or (800) 232-0672 about their insulation rebates, no-cost air-sealing services and interest-free financing. In order to qualify for Mass Save weatherization rebates, services and financing, work must be completed by an approved contractor following a Mass Save home energy assessment. Incentives are generally provided as a deduction from the natural gas customer's copay on the total project cost, and cannot be applied for retroactively if the work was completed outside the purview of the Mass Save program. 

If you heat with any other fuel (e.g. electricity, oil, propane, and / or wood), CMLP will issue rebates for the following weatherization costs: 

Eligible Insulation MeasuresEligible Air-Sealing Measures
  • Attic
  • Attic Stair / Hatch Cover
  • Ducts / Pipes
  • Floor / Basement / Crawl space
  • Walls
  • Cover for Whole House Fan
  • Air Sealing
  • Duct Sealing
  • Weather Stripping
  • Blower Door Test

Non-gas heating households may receive the following maximum weatherization rebate amounts from CMLP each calendar year.  Customers can apply for the rebate anytime between the day of purchase or installation to 90 days later.  CMLP's rebate application requires an invoice (showing the date work was done) and/or receipts (showing the purchase dates).  Multiple applications can be submitted each year until the household reaches its rebate cap for that year. See details about qualifying income levels here.

Household Income Level
% of
Project Costs
CMLP Rebate for ...
$1,800 Project
$2,200 Project
Standard Income
≤ 120% of 
Boston Metro Area Median Income
≤ 80% of 
Boston Metro Area Median Income

  • Any rebate of $750 or less is issued as a credit on your electric bill. 
  • Any customer in good standing may choose to receive a rebate over $750 as either a bill credit or a check from the Town. Indicate your preference on your rebate application.
  • A rebate check will arrive in 4 – 6 weeks after rebate payment request approval. 
  • If a customer requesting a check has been in arrears frequently in the past two years, CMLP may apply all or part of the rebate as a bill credit rather than as a check.

Click the button below to apply for a rebate:

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Tax Credits

Federal tax credits are now available for some weatherization measures. Click to find out how you can maximize your tax credits. 

Finding a Weatherization Contractor

  • If you heat with any fuel other than natural gas:
    • Weatherization contractors pre-screened through CMLP's partner, Abode Energy Management - select both ‘Concord Municipal Light Plant’ and ‘Weatherization’ on this page: Participating contractors have agreed to provide standardized weatherization offerings and pricing to non-gas heating households that are consistent with the Mass Save offerings and pricing provided to gas-heating households. Therefore, you do not need to solicit quotes from multiple contractors on the Abode Participating Contractor List. The list is available as a resource. You are not required to work with a contractor on this list to be eligible for a weatherization rebate from CMLP.
    • Talk with friends and neighbors to see who they've worked with and recommend.
    • Look at insulation contractor ratings with the Better Business Bureau or through the public library’s Consumer’s Checkbook account ( or via online ratings apps.
  • If you heat with natural gas:
    • Once you receive your Home Energy Assessment report from Mass Save, they will give you a list of pre-screened contractors. You must use a Mass Save-approved contractor to qualify for Mass Save weatherization incentives and financing. Incentives are generally provided as a deduction from your project co-pay. You cannot apply for these benefits retroactively if the work was completed outside of the purview of the Mass Save program.  

Questions? Please contact Pamela Cady, Energy Specialist at (978) 318-3149 or