Criminal Investigations Division

 The Concord Police Department’s Criminal Investigations Division is comprised of investigators and the court prosecutor. The investigators have previously been referred to as Inspectors but have more recently been given the title of Detectives. The Division is commanded by .  

Criminal Activity & Cases

The Criminal Investigations Division investigates criminal activity that occurs in the town of Concord or has an effect on the Town of Concord and its citizens. The majority of cases that are investigated are those that are reported to the Department through the Patrol Division and referred to the detectives for further follow up.

Most cases are related to property crimes, but the Detectives also investigate assaults, distribution of narcotics, fraud and sexual assaults. The Criminal Investigations Division also tracks and apprehends wanted persons.

Inter-Community Work & Task Forces

We work closely with investigators from surrounding cities and towns sharing resources and information. We are also affiliated with task forces that had been established to address specific types of crimes, such as:
  • Bank robberies
  • Burglaries
  • Car theft
  • Computer or cyber crime
  • Financial crimes
  • Narcotics distribution