Information Technology Officer

The use of computers within the Concord Police Department started In the late1980s, with the computerization of police reports and other functions. In 2000 it became clear the need for an Information Technology officer to oversee the department’s computerized systems and needs. The objective of the Information Technology Officer is to provide Information Technology facilities to the Departmental functions as a support service. Also this officer is responsible for the various other functions such as: 

  • Police Web Site
  • Department Computer Aided Dispatch Systems
  • Mobile Systems
  • Internet Network (Local Area Network)
  • Police Clearance Report System (NIBRS)
  • Electronic Fingerprint System
  • Liaison to State Information Agencies
  • Department Electronic Forms
  • Graphics Design Desk

 The Information Technology officer is responsible for overseeing systems and programs relative to maintaining statistical records, distributing analytical crime reports, working with the Special Services Lieutenant to develop and maintain the computer system network, and for coordinating the planning, design, integration and implementation of the various technological programs and systems in use within the Department, and those contemplated for future