Mailbox Damage Policy

Concord Public Works Mailbox Damage Policy

The intent of this policy is to establish a uniform process to repair or reimburse citizens for mailbox damage due to snow removal operations performed by the Town of Concord Department of Public Works (CPW).  

The mission statement for the Concord Public Works Winter Maintenance Program is to maintain the Town’s transportation network including streets, sidewalks, curb ramps and parking areas during winter storm periods in a condition that allows for safe and convenient vehicular and pedestrian use by the general public, commerce and emergency services.

It is understood that most mailboxes are located inside the public right of way, and therefore, on an infrequent basis damage to them can occur for various reasons.  This policy assumes there is a shared responsibility between the Town and homeowner when mailboxes are damaged during snow removal operations.  All property owners are urged to inspect their posts and mailboxes at least yearly and replace any rotted or insecure post installations.

The U.S. Postal Service requires that customers maintain mailboxes in a manner that enables the carrier to deliver and collect mail.  The customer is required to keep the approach to and the exit from the mailbox sufficiently cleared of snow for the carrier.  This is not the responsibility of CPW or its plow subcontractors.  For additional information regarding the installation of residential mailboxes, refer to the United States Postal Service at the following website address:

On occasion a Town plow vehicle damages a mailbox while clearing the streets of snow and ice.  While Town crews do their best to avoid damaging mailboxes, especially when visibility is poor, a mailbox can be damaged by accident.  If a Town or Town contractor plow or truck damages a mailbox through direct contact, a request for repair or reimbursement may be made in accordance with this policy.  Mailboxes or posts damaged by the weight of the plow windrow (snow exiting the end of the plow) will not be covered under this policy and replacement/repair is the property owner’s responsibility.

Any unauthorized structure or personal property which is in the right-of-way and is damaged by any snow plowing, sanding, or removal activity shall be the responsibility of the homeowners.  These items include, but are not limited to:  basketball hoops, bicycles, toys, fences and walls.  In addition, if such impediments are left in the right-of-way during the winter parking ban season, the Town may remove it without notification and shall not be responsible for the outcome of its condition.  We ask for your assistance in removing these objects from the right-of-way during winter months in order to protect your personal property and make the plow routes safer for our drivers.

It is the homeowner’s responsibility to notify CPW and file a Mailbox Repair/Reimbursement Request.  Such requests shall be submitted in writing (see form) within 2 business days from the date of the alleged damage so it can be assessed and verified for any claim.  Any claim presented after the 2 business day period will be subject to the discretion of CPW.  All damaged posts and mailboxes must be available for inspection.  The Town may install a replacement standard post and box or authorize a reimbursement up to a maximum of $40.00 following the submittal of a detailed receipt.  This amount is intended to cover any and all damages to the mailbox, post and brackets.  No replacement or reimbursement in excess of $40 shall be provided, regardless of the location, size, original cost or elaborateness of the mailbox and post.


Claims must include a receipt of the repairs and be sent to Concord Public Works, Highway Division, 135 Keyes Road, Concord, MA 01742.  978-318-3220.  You may also send claim information via email to: