1 & 2 family residences built after 2011

Smoke detectors are required as follows:

o One smoke detector in the basement and on each habitable story of the


o One smoke detector at the base of all stairs to another occupied floor, but not

inside the stairway itself.

o One smoke detector outside of each separate sleeping area.

o One smoke detector inside every sleeping area.

o A minimum of one smoke detector must be installed for every 1,200 square feet

of area or part thereof.

o Must be hardwired and interconnected smoke detector with battery backup.

o All smoke detectors must be photoelectric.

Carbon monoxide alarms are required as follows:

o On every level of the residence, including habitable portions of basements and

attics and must be located within 10 feet of each bedroom door.

o No further than 10 feet from any bedroom door.

o Combination detectors (photoelectric smoke and carbon monoxide detector)

may be used.

o Must be hardwired and interconnected with battery backup. (May be separately

wired from the existing smoke detection system.)

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