Water Heating

Looking for water heating options that will reduce your carbon footprint and monthly bills?

Heat Pump Water Heaters (HPWHs) - also called Hybrid Water Heaters - are powered by electricity, but are much more efficient than previous electric water heaters, which exclusively used electric resistance to raise the temperature of the water. They're especially economical for households of 4 people or more. HPWHs can use electric resistance when needed (such as when a homeowner has visitors staying with them, causing an increased load on their water heater), but their default is to use heat pump technology.   Not only do HPWHs reduce electricity use because of their efficiency, but the electricity they do use is increasingly carbon free, as CMLP’s power supply becomes cleaner and greener. Learn more about HPWHs and about the HPWH rebates available to CMLP's residential and commercial customers.

Solar Hot Water is a hot water system that uses energy from the sun to heat your home’s water. Solar collectors, mounted on the roof or ground next to a home, absorb heat from the sun and transfer it through a fluid loop into a solar storage tank (typically located in the basement or mechanical room) that stores preheated water. This heated water is then piped throughout the home to showers, dishwashers, sinks, and washing machines. Learn more about solar hot water from the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center’s Guide to Solar Hot Water, which also provides a directory of installers that serve the Concord area.