Residential Property Tax Exemption

If you own and live in your property as a primary residence, you may qualify for the residential exemption.

The Town of Concord Select Board instituted a policy available to Massachusetts residents that has the effect of lowering the assessed value of their primary residence for property tax calculation purposes. It can be applied to all residential properties in Concord that met the following condition on January 1, 2023.


  • The property is occupied by the owner as a primary residence as of January 1, 2023
    • Only one property owned by the same person may qualify

Application Requirements

To be considered for the exemption, the application process requires eligible applicants to complete the Residential Exemption Application AND to provide documents that confirm that the primary residence condition has been met. Acceptable documentation includes:

  • A deed on record with the Concord Assessing Department confirming ownership
  • A copy of the owner’s Federal or State 2022 tax return confirming residency
    • ONLY the first page needs to be provided
    • ONLY the Form title, the year and the name(s) and address of the taxpayer need to show
    • ALL other information must be redacted or masked to protect the applicant’s privacy
      • Tax forms not properly protected cannot be accepted


The sooner eligible applicants apply, the better.

  • Homeowners who submit their applications by Wednesday, November 1, 2023 and qualify for the exemption will see the impact in their 3rd quarter tax (January) bill.
  • Those who miss the November deadline but apply and qualify on or before April 1, 2024 won’t see the effect until their 4th quarter (April) tax bill.
  • Applications received AFTER April 1, 2024 will not be processed.

How to Apply

Applications and assistance are available to all interested homeowners at the:

  • Assessors Office - 24 Court Lane, Concord, MA
  • Treasurer's Office - Town House, 22 Monument Square, Concord, MA
  • Council on Aging - Harvey Wheeler Community Center, 1276 Main St., Concord, MA

The Residential Exemption Application is also available online, as well as at the Libraries, Council on Aging, and the Town House.


    • November 1, 2023 - Approved exemption divided between 3rd and 4th quarter tax bill
    • January 1, 2024 - Approved exemption applied to 4th quarter tax bill
    • April 1, 2024 - Final Deadline for FY24.  Applications will not be processed after April 1, 2024.

Applications due to

HAND DELIVER application to Assessors Office,  24 Court Lane

MAIL application, through the United States Postal Service, postmarked by April 1, 2024  to: Assessor's Office, 24 Court Ln., Concord, MA 01742

EMAIL application to by 4:30 p.m. on April 1, 2024 


Contact the Assessors Office at 978-318-3070 or

Want to learn more?

Find out more about the residential real property exemption requirements set out in Massachusetts General Law c.59, s.5C.