Scam Alert

What you need to know

Electric customers in Massachusetts are getting calls from scammers posing as utility employees and recently as Social Security employees. The scammers sometimes say that there is a problem with the customer’s account and then they give the customer an incident number. 

Other times, the scammers say the customer owes money and their power will be shut off if they don’t pay immediately. In both these scenarios, the scammer directs the customer to an 800 phone number or “Green Dot” website that requires personal information, often credit card numbers.

CMLP would never require you to purchase a debit card. Do not go to the Green Dot website, call the 1-800 phone number, or provide any personal information. Scammers are able to “spoof” our Caller ID number so that it appears as though CMLP is calling. Don’t be fooled. 

Bottom line -- If you receive a phone call that seems suspect, DO NOT give out any personal or debit/credit card information. Report the incident to Concord Police.