Complete Streets

Complete Streets

o   Sudbury Road

Engineering staff performed an on the ground survey for this project which aided in the evaluation of the existing sight distance for the intersection of Sudbury Road, Oxbow Road, Seven Star Lane , and Garfield road. It was determined that there are existing sight distance issues that need to be remedied prior to the installation of the requested sidewalk. Engineering staff prepared a preliminary design which was presented in the Traffic Advisory Committee meeting and given permission to proceed into final design. The final design has been completed and the Engineering Division has requested bids. If the project receives favorable bids, it is anticipated that construction will start in early to mid summer.

o   Hubbard St

Plans for the Hubbard St. Reconstruction Project, from Walden St. to Thoreau St, have continued to progress.  Construction plans and bid documents are being drafted with anticipation of advertising the project for bidding in 2021.  Plans have been presented to the Historic Districts Commission and received approval for the proposed work within the Main St Historical District.   Engineering Staff has been in communication with the neighborhood representative, during the design process to review past concerns and issues.  A meeting was held with the Hubbard St. Neighborhood to present and discuss the proposed design features and receive feedback.  The Engineering staff will be using the feedback from the meeting to finalize plans.

A preliminary schedule of the project would include construction of the utilities (drainage and gas main) and base course paving this year.  The selected contractor would return in the Spring of 2022 to install the sidewalks, curbing and final paving of the road.

o   Commonwealth Ave

Engineering staff has been coordinating the planning for the Complete Streets project on a portion of Commonwealth Ave with Brookside Development, which has obligations for certain right-of-way improvements in the area.  A design services contract with a Subcontractor to design the entire project has been executed by the Town.  The subcontractor is preparing preliminary design documents and Engineering staff will review, add input into the design, and help coordinate with the West Concord community related to the project. A community meeting will be held upon completion of the preliminary design. It is anticipated that the Engineering Division will request bids for construction of this project in 2021.

 Town Contact:

Justin Richardson, PE, Assistant Town Engineer, Concord Public Works – Engineering Division, 978-318-3210,