A Game for Everyone! 

Bingo is a game of pure chance, involving no particular skill or requirement other than to keep up with play. Formerly known in the United Kingdom as ‘housey-housey,' Bingo is a traditional game and a long-time favorite of the British holiday camps and cruise ships for many years now. It is said to have originated in Italy in the 1500s before migrating to the UK, France, and other European countries in the 1700s. Now it's here for you to enjoy! A caller calls out letter and number coordinates that you mark on your card - the first player to mark a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal line yells "Bingo!" and wins the pot. It's a fun way to spend time in the afternoon and meet some new people.

See and Play!

Here at the Harvey Wheeler Community Center we have cardboard bingo cards with easy-to-use plastic shutters. We also have extra-large bingo cards for people that may have difficulty seeing the smaller numbers.

Join Us!

We offer Bingo on Wednesdays, starting at 1 p.m. There is a small fee of 25 cents per card with cash prizes offered! Please call at the beginning of each month to let us know you plan to attend. 978 318 3020.