Residential Income-Based Rebates

In the interest of increasing access to electric vehicle and weatherization rebates for all residents of Concord, CMLP offers larger incentives for households with income at or below 80% or 120% of the median Income for the Boston Metropolitan Area. Eligibility is based on household size and income.  The household's combined total income is determined by the most recent federal income tax filings (Tax Return Form 1040).  See the sample image at the bottom of this page for the relevant line. 

Income Ceilings by Household Size

Household Size
(Adults + Children)
80% of Boston 
Metropolitan Area 
Median Income
120% of Boston
Metropolitan Area
Median Income

To receive the Income-Based Rebate, the applicant must complete one of the following income verification methods:

  1. Residential Assistance Credit: When submitting the application documents, upload a copy of a recent electric bill showing that the household receives CMLP's Residential Assistance Credit, OR
  2. Fuel Assistance Letter: When submitting the application documents, upload a copy of a fuel assistance letter of acceptance from the past twelve (12) months showing the date, system owner’s name, and project site address, OR
  3. Income Verification: Prior to submitting application documents, request income verification from CMLP by mailing the Income Verification Request form and the first two pages of the most recent federal IRS tax return form 1040 (showing Total Income) for each adult filing (single, married filing jointly, married filing separately, and/or head of household) within the household to Attn: Pamela Cady, c/o Front Desk, CMLP, P.O. Box 1029, Concord, MA 01742 or by hand delivery to the drop box to right of the front entrance at CMLP’s Operations Center at 1175 Elm St, Concord. 
    All tax information provided to CMLP will be shredded upon completion of income verification. You will be notified by email or postal mail once your eligibility for an income-based rebate has been determined. Upload this proof of income verification with your application documents.

See yellow arrow and highlighted line below in this sample IRS form 1040 for total income information that is used 
to determine eligibility for CMLP's residential income-based rebate levels:

Total Income Line on IRS Form 1040 for CMLP Rebate Eligibility