Chair Yoga

Encouraging Healthy Living

The Council on Aging currently offers a Chair Yoga class. No matter what your age, you can experience the health benefits of yoga. Our instructor, Annie Gray, is dedicated to helping individuals build strength and flexibility to serve them in healthy living and graceful aging.

Focus & Clarity Working to Alleviate Stress

Yoga is not about performance or competition. Every body has a different threshold of flexibility and endurance, comparisons are not relevant. Annie's students find that her classes help improve balance, increase focus and clarity, and help to manage stress and create peace of mind. After just a short time practicing Chair Yoga, students notice increased muscle strength and flexibility. The breathing exercises which are such an important part of Chair Yoga, help improve circulation. Students report that they walk out of class with a much improved overall mood.

Schedule & Cost

Chair Yoga is offered Tuesday mornings at 9:15 a.m. The cost is $5 payable to the instructor. Please call at the beginning of each month to let us know you plan to attend. 978 318 3020.